How has Temenos T24 changed the banking sector?


In today's fast-paced world, one thing that has really stood out is banks. Banks worldwide manage money which in turn runs the businesses and thus households. If all the banks were to stop working for even a day, the entire world would experience a halt because everyone is so dependent on them. Moreover, with the ever-increasing population, more people are turning to banks to safeguard their funds and avail various banking services like healthcare, insurance, investing, etc. Thus, banks at all times need to be maintained and thoroughly checked as they can't afford the luxury of making even a minute blunder.

To achieve smooth functioning, many firms have come up with banking software to help banks. One software is Temenos T24. It is a banking software used by many popular banks to maintain, develop and update the user experience of banking. It provides solutions and services to retail banking, corporate banking, and wealth management. This core banking software has become the number one banking software used by dozens of international banks.

Temenos T24 works with a cloud-based system which has many advantages. It helps in reducing the software weight, which can be advantageous for a bank in the long run. It also helps banks achieve greater flexibility and operational efficiency. It is also known to provide superior customer experience and customer services. To lure customers and satisfy existing customers, the software helps maintain and develop a customer-friendly, easy-to-handle banking system.

Temenos T24 also helps launch new services and products in a short span. As customer behaviour is very volatile and changes rapidly, this banking software comes in handy whenever implementing new services or products. It also helps to bring new upgrades to the banking system and software at a rapid speed. This banking software can achieve this in just a day. Lastly, it works with third-party applications. The customer experience when using third-party banking applications is of utmost importance. Temenos helps make this experience as smooth as possible.

Thus, for every bank, adopting Temenos T24 as a banking software is a must. Many leading banks in the world are using core banking services that are provided by Temenos. Some of these banks include the Agricultural Bank of China and China merchant bank, the Royal Bank of Canada, and the UBS asset management of the United Kingdom among many others. So, what are you and your bank waiting for?

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